Saturday, July 11, 2015

Memorial Day GORUCK Challenge/Light AAR

Similar to my last post about a Challenge/Light combo, this one is going to be told mostly in pictures.

Challenge Summary

There were a couple of major differences between this event and past Challenges I've done:

  1. We had to take our shoes off for the welcome party and the first ~3 miles of rucking during the event
  2. All of our food was taken away, and only given back after the patching ceremony
  3. We went straight into the ocean right after the welcome party and were fully immersed
  4. We got to build and carry a lovely contraption you will see below, dubbed "The Pendulum of Pain"
Here are some highlights:

Overall it was a really fun event, and I learned a ton. We all did okay without any food, shoes are a luxury that aren't actually required, and heavy shit was just meant to be carried (you can't outsmart the pendulum). 

Light Summary

This event was basically a mini version of the challenge. We had the same pendulum, went in the ocean, and enjoyed each other's company in the sunshine this time.

The cadre kept it fun the whole time, and I'm really glad I came out for both of these events!

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