Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Welcome! The purpose of this blog is to be a place where I can talk about my fitness goals/challenges without boring people who read my main blog for the technical content. What you can expect from posts here:
  • Updates on my 1,000,000 push-up challenge
  • GORUCK After Action Reviews
  • Comparisons of various endurance and obstacle events
  • Tips on gear, nutrition, etc. for various events
  • Training updates as I tackle longer, more difficult events
You can also find my current list of fitness and event goals here. Subscribe, leave some comments, and let me know if you are in the Boston area and are looking for a training partner.

What's Up With the Name?

When I started doing GORUCK events people frequently asked me some variant of "why would you want to stay up all night carrying rocks around for a patch?". There are a lot of ways to answer this, but I think the simplest is that I want to learn how I behave in difficult situations. I want to find events that are hard enough that I question my ability to finish them. I've done my share of obstacle races and road races, and I've never gotten to the point where I considered voluntarily withdrawing from the event. GORUCK offers at least one event (Selection) where everyone will consider quitting at some point.  I plan on working my way up to that event, unless I discover that either my mind or my body isn't up to the task.

List of fitness posts from my other blog (now focused on tech)

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